Shilpa Arora Sharma

Shilpa Arora Sharma, a Personal Power Coach, has over 10 years of experience in Manifestations, empowering countless individuals. Her unique approach combines NLP, Guided Meditations, Manifestation principles, Shri Yantra focus, and Ashtanga Yoga-inspired chakra management. Shilpa guides individuals to navigate challenges, find inner peace, and manifest their dreams. Aiming to impact over 1 million lives, […]

Success Coach Hemant Jain

Success Coach Hemant Jain is a Life & Career Transformation Coach who works with mid and senior management professionals stuck in their careers; helping them break out of glass walls and ceilings to take the next big leap in their careers. Hemant’s flagship coaching programs are: 1.An intensive 18-month Life & Career Transformation coaching program […]

Bernadett Nagy

Bernadett Nagy is your unique life and executive coach, specializing in empowering high-achieving men through their midlife awakening journey. With Bernadett, it’s all about authenticity, balance, and living life to the fullest while creating our legacy. Having personally coached over 100 men, led 40 Men’s Circles, and organized 2 Men’s Retreats, Bernadett knows how to […]

Kriti Mathur

We all have multiple layers that abstain us from getting in touch with our true nature. This is where Kriti Mathur, a Life Coach comes in. She helps people find their true potential and authentic selves. She started her educational journey with a B.E. in electrical engineering and then moved on to a Master’s in […]

Parineeta A Mehra

Parineeta Mehra enables transformative journeys and builds shifts in behavior through communication, executive presence, purpose and knowing self deeper. Facilitating insights in others through skills training and coaching is her forte and comes to her effortlessly. Parineeta is a PCC Coach with 2500 client engagement hours, who has worked across domains, roles and industries. She […]

Marsha Norman

Marsha Norman is a human resources specialist with over fifteen (15) years experience. Marsha is also a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She has published four books: A Love Like This, Managing People, Get on The Bike and The Journey Continues. Marsha is an avid volunteer and has provided impactful guidance under the Get on the Bike Programme and Reset, Refocus and Retool Zoom Sessions. The Get on the Bike Programme focuses on providing tips for personal and professional development and also business tips for young entrepreneurs Get on the Bike . Marsha is known for her outstanding leadership, team building, change management, engagement and interpersonal skills.

Contact Marsha at [email protected]