Pixel Publishing is a team of experienced professionals ready to turn your vision into a best selling book.

When choosing a partner to write and publish your book you are going to look for the best. At Pixel we believe in hiring specialists who have a proven track record of success. Our team is comprised of authors, designers, and publishers who have dedicated their careers towards creating best-selling books.

The Pixel Publishing team lives and breathes for best sellers.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of book lovers, just like you – meet the masterminds that turn your manuscripts into best sellers!
Graham Sawrey
James Anderson
Warren Miles-Pickup

Work with a group of publishing experts to create a lasting legacy in print.

Awesome team and really responsive!

The pixel team has been amazing to work with. When I first started the process my ideas felt a bit scattered and I wasn’t sure I actually had a full book’s worth of content yet. The editing team were able to help me solidify my vision, the design team helped me lay it all out, and the writing team filled in the gaps… When I look at the books on the shelf now I can’t believe how far I’ve come as an author!”

Pixel Publishing made it so easy!

I don’t think I ever would have gotten this done if it wasn’t for Pixel Publishing. Sitting down and writing everyday while I try to run my business was just never going to happen. With their help, it made the whole process incredibly easy and I was able to be as involved or uninvolved as I wanted. I’m already seeing the benefits and being asked to be a speaker at industry events!”

Frequently asked questions

Every project is different and it depends on how available you are to work with our team. Many of our authors are busy professionals and will fit in their phone calls between travel, family, and work obligations.
Our goal is to have your book written, edited, and published within 90 days.

If you have all the recipes and ideas for the book ready to go we’re happy to help but cookbooks are not our expertise. We specialize in non-fiction book for entrepreneurs, business professionals, athletes, thought leaders, and other high performance individuals.
No, we need your stories and voice to make sure the book is really yours. An idea is just one part of the book writing process, there is so much more that goes into getting a book to its finished state.

You can see our packages on our pricing page. The price you pay will depend on the services that you require. To talk to one of our publishing experts please arrange a call.

We wish we could guarantee that every single book we write is a bestseller! There’s a lot that goes into creating a best seller, your existing profile as an author, the story you’re telling, and the general publishing environment all play a factor. What we can control is the marketing your book gets post launch. If becoming a best selling author is your goal let’s talk about your publishing goals and marketing plan to promote your book.