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Pixel Publishing is the premier professional ghostwriting experience.

How does life
become a legacy?

Life is nothing if not a collection of moments—vignettes in a one-of-a-kind story. Only when that story is chronicled and shared can those exceptional moments become a legacy.

A timeless artifact

Your book is the ultimate endowment and your greatest triumph. It is an immaculate collection of your expertise. Between the covers, between the lines, is the greatest asset imaginable—your wisdom.

An exceptional

Time is no longer an obstacle between you and the story you need to share. The process is no longer a roadblock. You’re part of a unique experience designed to get your voice onto the page and your book in front of the perfect audience.

Feel the grandeur

It’s heavier than you expected. The craftsmanship, the quality, the weight of your words—your legacy. The remarkable attention to detail your story deserves. Your book demands to be judged by its cover.

Time is finally on your side

The importance of your message has never been in question. You’ve known what you wanted to say but needed a process that seamlessly integrated with your life. Now, there are no limits to your voice or the people it can reach.

You are the standard

Things are about to get interesting. The pages of your book are an endless array of messages and motivation. You no longer need a business card, but you might need a bigger Rolodex.

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.”
Morgan Harper Nichols

A cover that demands to be judged

It’s a striking introduction to your story—an exquisite design unique to the lessons enclosed.
An artisanally crafted treasure and an invitation to something truly amazing.

Your golden ticket

Your book is an asset that precedes you everywhere you go. It’s a publicist, a reporter, a skeleton key to every room you’ve ever felt locked out of. Cancel your business cards; you don’t need them anymore.

Words travel fast

You have the ultimate business tool. An asset that precedes you and sets the table no matter where you go. Your voice and vision are available 24/7 to anyone who needs your message.

All eyes on you

Time is no longer an obstacle between you and the story you need to share. The process is no longer a roadblock. You’re part of a unique experience designed to get your voice onto the page and your book in front of the perfect audience.

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

Dr. Howard Garnder

How the Elite Ghostwriting Process Works


Committing To Your Legacy

The hard part is over. Everything you’ve ever done has led to this moment. All the tough decisions—the sacrifices. Now for the easy part. Sit back and let Pixel craft your book.


Galvanize Your Message

The most powerful stories are forged under the greatest stress—yours is no different. Step away from the heat and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. Finally, your lessons will help those who need them most.


Crafting The Perfect Asset

A team of award-winning creatives transforms your story. We pen your lessons and expertise while designers create a handsome cover resonating with your message.


A Transcendent Evolution

You are an author now, but you’re so much more. There is no category, no competition; there is only you and your audience. Speaking gigs, appearances, podcasts—all part of this new phase of your life.

Elite Ghostwriting

The premier professional ghostwriting experience As an Elite Author, you’re part of a revolutionary new professional publishing experience. Our award-winning team of ghostwriters and creatives molds your story into an amazing book while you spend your time doing what you love. We write, edit, publish, and market your book for you. Sit back, and enjoy all the benefits from your favorite chair—in the office, boardroom, or on the beach.

$5,000+ /month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Elite Ghostwriting stands out because the book produced is entirely with your ideas, in your voice. While other services might use the ghostwriter’s voice, Pixel Publishing ensures that everything in the book comes from you. They also manage the full publishing and distribution process, unlike typical ghostwriters who only provide a manuscript.

Yes, you are the author, and the book is in your voice. The content, ideas, and words are yours, and the ghostwriting process is just a means to translate your thoughts into a professional book.

The selection process for a ghostwriter involves matching you with a writer whose expertise aligns with your book’s content and who resonates with your voice and message. While the selection is typically made by Pixel Publishing, your preferences are considered in the process.

Writing a book can significantly boost your career by establishing you as an authority in your field, expanding your professional network, and opening up new opportunities for speaking engagements and consulting.

A book can be a powerful tool to increase your authority and credibility by showcasing your knowledge, sharing unique insights, and providing valuable content that benefits your readers.

You will work with a team of professionals including a ghostwriter, editor, and publishing manager, all coordinated by Pixel Publishing to ensure a seamless process from start to finish​​.