Parineeta Mehra enables transformative journeys and builds shifts in behavior through communication, executive presence, purpose and knowing self deeper. Facilitating insights in others through skills training and coaching is her forte and comes to her effortlessly.

Parineeta is a PCC Coach with 2500 client engagement hours, who has worked across domains, roles and industries. She credits her success to her clients who she believes have the potential. I just ‘hold the space and help them see the light’ and then they shine on their own!

She brings authenticity, simplicity, and commitment to all that she does. The power of visualization and energy work fascinates her and supports her when she does work around personal mission statements, vision, and values. She held regular sessions fortnightly around purpose work using a 3C model she created (with a friend) around clarity, courage, and confidence between 2020-2022. She is also a co-author of two books: Coaching Mantras, Fast Forward to Facilitation.

She won the Global Icon Award in 2023, and the Womenpreneur Award in 2018 for the work in supporting women to build their businesses. She is currently honing her skills in the space of ‘Spiritual Coaching.’

She is a people’s person and known fondly as the ‘dialog connector’ by some of her clients. To know more about her please visit:

Reach her at: [email protected]

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