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The Professional package is an interview-based book writing and publishing service (similar to ghostwriting).
It’s designed for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs who want to write and publish a professional book in their words and in their voice—but don’t have the time or desire to type it themselves.

Payment Plans Available
What’s included in Professional?

Professional includes everything you need to validate and develop your book idea,
then write and edit it, design and publish it, and get it out to the world.

Completed Book Manuscript

  • Your idea will be validated (or not) before we begin work
  • We will help structure and position it into the best possible book
  • Comprehensive interviews to get your ideas out of your head and into a book that’s in your words and your voice

Published Book

  • A beautifully designed cover and interior layout
  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, description, etc.)
  • Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included
  • You retain all rights and ownership of the book


  • Full printing services, with the ability to order unlimited copies at production cost (with an initial 100-copy gift from us)
  • Full distribution through major online retailers (Amazon,, iBooks)
  • You keep 100% of royalties

Launch And Promotion

  • Targeted Amazon Bestseller Strategy
  • Complete strategy and templates to secure early Amazon reviews
  • A full set of social media posts and graphics for launch week
  • Exclusive access to the Pixel book launch starter kit
  • Email strategy and templates to help leverage your network
Optional Add-Ons

Audiobook - $6,000

Pixel Publishing can facilitate the creation, production, and distribution of an audiobook version of your book. The audiobook will be recorded by a voice actor at a professional studio and available for purchase on,, iTunes, and Spotify.

Author Impact - $15,000

We can work with you to create an end-to-end campaign for your book, that will include publishing content, generating media attention, booking you on podcasts, managing ads, and organizing all the details to ensure your book reaches your target audience and positions you as the authority in your field. Full details upon request.

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How the Professional
Process Works

We have a proven, proprietary process that will get the best possible book out of you—but be entirely your ideas, in your words, and in your voice. The entire process typically lasts 9 months if the author stays on schedule.


Book Strategy Consult

The first step—before you begin your book—is to make sure you actually have a book in you, and determine whether our method is the right one for you.

To do this, you will speak with an Author Strategist who will help you get clear on three thing:

  • Your book idea
  • The audience you’re trying to reach (and how your book will serve them)
  • The objectives you hope the book will help you achieve (like making money with a book, or using a book to build your brand)


Note that this is not a sales call. This is about determining whether you have a book in you and whether our company is the right fit to help you write it.

Our process does not work for everyone. If we determine that we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.


Assemble Your Publishing Team

To begin the process, you’ll meet your Publishing Manager. They’re your main point of contact and will assemble your creative team. Your Publishing Manager’s primary job is to ensure that your book is as good as possible and publishes on time.

On the introduction call they will get to know you and your book idea to collect enough information from you to match you with an Editor. We have decades of book writing experience and range in experience from former Executive Editors of major publishing houses to Emmy Award-winning writers, high-ranking political speechwriters, Editors-in-Chief of national magazines, and bestselling authors.

When pairing with authors, we look at two key variables:
Q. Are they excited to work with this author on this book?
Q. Do they bring anything to the book that might help the author?
We answer this question more in-depth in our FAQs.


Guiding Star

On your first call with your Pixel, they start creating the “Guiding Star” of your book.

This will be similar to the Book Strategy consult call, but will go into much greater depth and
accomplish these things:

  • Specifically articulate what your book is about
  • Define exactly who your audience is
  • Understand precisely how your book will serve that audience and why they will care
about your book
  • Specifically articulate how you will use the book to benefit you



Once the book is properly framed in your North Star, we will create a Table of Contents and Book “Roadmap.” The Roadmap will be a guide for your interviews and will help you define your ideas, sharpen your thinking, and lay the foundation for your book.

Sample questions to expect while building the Roadmap:
Q. What does your audience need to understand?
Q. Are there steps to get them there? What are they?
Q. What stories and examples do you have to support your points?



The interviews represent the “meat” of your book and get all of your content, stories, and knowledge out of your head and onto a recording.

These calls are exactly what they sound like: we will get on the phone with you for 90 to 120 minutes and interview you about a section of your book. This usually happens over the course of about 4-6 calls total, and you can expect to talk through 1-2 chapters per call.

Note: You’ll see the written pages of these calls almost from the beginning of the interview calls. These Preview Pages allow us to progressively refine the voice and tone early on, so that your full manuscript, once it’s written, reads and feels exactly the way you want it.


First Pages

We work from the transcripts to translate your spoken language into a beautifully written manuscript that will resonate with your audience.

In addition to the Preview Pages mentioned above, they’ll write a single chapter and go over it with you to make sure they’re nailing the right voice. Once we work through and agree on this chapter’s voice, you will finish the rest of your manuscript.


Manuscript Revisions

From there, you will do one full round of revisions on the entire manuscript. This usually entails you reading a few chapters at a time, making notes, and doing a series of calls with us to go over your revisions.


Book Design

The same team that has created covers for 21 NYT & WSJ bestsellers designs your book inside and out.

It starts with you telling us what you envision for your book. Our team will align your creative ideas with your book content to complete a design brief.

We will create several different design comps and present them to you. The final say on all design decisions rests with you.

We will also design a professional interior for your book to ensure it looks and feels how you desire.


Publishing & Distribution

Your Publishing Manager will work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels. If you want the broadest distribution possible—Amazon,, and as many international platforms as possible—we’ll provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and make sure your book is prepared for launch.


Launch and Promotion

As the book’s release approaches, we’ll prepare for your book release by designing social media graphics for you to post, drafting emails to send to your contacts, and providing exclusive access to the Pixel book marketing launch plan.

When the book launches, we’ll run a pricing campaign on Amazon to spur initial sales, during which we’ll coordinate a review campaign to get early reviews for the book. We’ll launch an email campaign to your contacts, release your book through email lists we have relationships with, promote your book on social media and social news sites, and publish & promote an excerpt from the book.

The goal of this first week is to finish with a baseline of reviews, readers, and media attention to continue building from—with the advice in your marketing plan—as you begin your life as a published author.

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Who should use Professional?
Who Should
  • People who want to write non-fiction books
  • People who want to write a children’s book
  • People who want to write a cook book

  • People who want to write memoirs

  • People whose books fall within the broad genres of business, finance, medicine, education, self-help, personal development, or memoir

  • People who’s books will advance the public interest by sharing something valuable
  • People whose books will share their story to help others

  • People who want to write their book but need guidance and assistance

  • People who need a partner through the book writing process to provide guidance, accountability and coaching
Who Should Not
  • People who want to write a novel or fictional book
  • People who don’t know why they want to write a book
  • People who don’t care about the quality of their book
  • People who want to do all the writing themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You are the sole author, and the book will be in your voice, crafted from interviews conducted with you. We facilitate the process, focusing on structure and positioning to ensure your ideas are presented clearly.

We’re able to do this because the book is literally created entirely from interviews with you—there is no other voice it could be but yours.

Much like Elite Ghostwriting, the Professional service is interview-based, ensuring the content comes directly from you. This maintains authenticity and guarantees the book reflects your voice, knowledge and experiences. The key difference is the Book Launch Marketing, the elite service is nearly done for you, with professional it is a collaborative effort. 

Editors are matched based on their expertise with your book’s subject and their enthusiasm for your project. While we select the editor we think is best suited for your book, your input is welcome in this process.

Yes, if you have existing material, we can incorporate it into the book, ensuring it aligns with the overall structure and voice developed through our interview process.

We have a revision process in place. Your feedback is crucial throughout the process, and we work with you to revise the content until it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our design team, experienced with all types of designs, will create your book cover. You have full control over the final design, and your feedback is integral to the process.

The length of your book will be determined by the depth of content resulting from the interview process and your specific goals for the book.

You’ll have a dedicated team, including a Publishing Manager, Writer and an Editor, who will guide you through every step, from interviews to publication. Content

It’s time to write your book.

We can help.

If you’re serious about writing and publishing your book this year, let’s talk.
We’ll discuss your book idea, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

Payment Plans Available


We interview you for the content and writing, we do the writing, professional editing and publishing.


*can be split into three payments

$15,000 TOTAL

2 hours per week on the phone over the span of 12 weeks.

Elite Ghostwriting

You get a bestselling work and a customized process to fit your needs.

$30,000 +



Varies to the needs our the Author and Story.