Shilpa Arora Sharma, a Personal Power Coach, has over 10 years of experience in Manifestations, empowering countless individuals. Her unique approach combines NLP, Guided Meditations, Manifestation principles, Shri Yantra focus, and Ashtanga Yoga-inspired chakra management. Shilpa guides individuals to navigate challenges, find inner peace, and manifest their dreams.

Aiming to impact over 1 million lives, she offers free resources on social media, structured course recordings, affordable group coaching, and high-ticket personal coaching. Her app, Manifestor Hub, available on Android and iPhone, provides daily affirmations for free.

Specializing in coaching entrepreneurs, Shilpa helps them harness emotional energy for business success, leading to remarkable transformations. She also hosts a monthly podcast where successful entrepreneurs share their manifestation secrets.

Certified as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and skilled in Yoga, Shilpa envisions a world where everyone unlocks their inner power. She has spoken to large audiences, including 5000 people at Noida Indoor Stadium, India. Formerly an IT professional with IBM, Shilpa now dedicates her life to empowering others.

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