Umesh Upaadyay is a certified Life Coach, Counsellor and an Inspirational Leader. He is the Founder of edha, an online Counseling & Coaching platform for mental & emotional well-being. Umesh works with his Clients to facilitate and empower individuals toward a holistic and fulfilling life.  He uses a holistic approach which is a combination of various techniques of Coaching, including NLP and other behavioral techniques that empowers Clients.  This facilitates shift in perspective, overcoming limiting beliefs, patterns and lays foundation to meet personal and professional goals. 

Umesh has been heard as an Expert Speaker on various social media platforms on life skills and as a Motivational speaker, inspiring individuals. He has also appeared on national TV and on Radio talking as a Guest speaker on various topics related to mental & emotional well-being.

Umesh is also into social service to empower individuals with skills and knowledge to be able to make efforts to enhance experiences of life.  Umesh Upaadyay and his work can be seen across prominent social media platforms.

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