Breaking Barriers, Unleashing Potential

Meet Louise Slattery, a leading life coach and hypnotherapist dedicated to helping individuals break free from mental barriers of procrastination and step into their greatness.

Louise’s journey began with PTSD that shattered her physically and emotionally. Refusing to be defined by her past, she faced adversity head-on, delving deep into the realms of hypnosis and the power of mind to seek healing and transformation.

Guided by the principles of Mindvalley Coaching, Louise emerged as an inspiration, sharing her journey of coaching and hypnotherapy with the world

Through her unique therapy technique, MINDspiders ® she untangles minds and liberates individuals from limitations.

Finalist SMENationals 2023 Best New Business

Finalist Business Awards UK. Rising Star 2004

Winner top 50 High Fliers Award 2024 Mumbai

Louise’s forthcoming book, “The Spider Mind,” offers wisdom, practical guidance, and her signature humor and charm—a toolkit for resilience, providing tools to transform beliefs and triumph over life’s challenges.

Additionally, Louise is the founder of Musketeers Charity, raising awareness and support for individuals, families, corporations, and schools dealing with invisible disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, and Mental Health.

Ready to stop procrastinating, face your fears, and achieve unparalleled success? Connect with Louise Slattery and embark on a transformative journey. Your future self will thank you!

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