Carla Jaclyn Harding, an Empowerment Coach with certificates in Life Coaching, Happiness Coaching, and Psychology, specializes in leading her clients out of the limiting beliefs, conditioning, and expectations that hinder them from creating a life of peace, happiness, and fulfillment through unique empowerment techniques that are geared toward building confidence, resilience, and love and acceptance for oneself. Carla is the author of five self-published books that are available on Amazon: A Spiritual Alchemy Journey of Self-Exploration, Transcending Into Motivation, Transcending Into Confidence, Transcending Into Empowerment, and most recently, Quantum Psychology: Words of Encouragement on the Path Toward Spiritual Enlightenment. For more information on how we can work together, please visit or email me at [email protected]. Carla can also be found on Instagram at and on Twitter at “You truly are limitless and you deserve to be happy.”

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