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Our professional interview-based book writing services helps entrepreneurs, executives, and experts write and publish their book in 90 days.

Nothing creates an authority in an industry or niche like a published biography of lessons learned. 

High performance people don’t get to where they are overnight, it happens through trials and tribulations. 

Put your lessons down on paper into your own biography. 

What’s in your Guide:
  • How to drill down to the right topics and your title
  • Making sense of your publishing choices
  • Why professional writing and editing is crucial
  • What information to share with your Book Designer
  • Pricing, promotion, & distribution tips
  • Choosing the right publishing path
  • And much more

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Every Pixel Publishing editor has been vetted via an examination based on Editors North American’s  most stringent standards. We read every book we publish from cover to cover.

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Pixel Publishing is the only 100% employee owned publishing services provider in the world. Each member of your publishing team has a vested interest in your success.

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Choosing Pixel Publishing means you have a direct line to one of the best printing facilities in North America.

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“Five stars to Pixel Publishing! Their team of publishing pros and marketing experts were invaluable in turning my draft manuscript into a polished product.

– Kat Jovey, Author of Living With Intention

It was the hard work and expertise of my team that turned my fears into hope, my lack of knowledge into wisdom, and my vision into my first book. Pixel Publishing is responsible for making my dream a reality!”

– Mark Dickson, Author of Pathways to Fulfillment

My Account Manager has been so helpful in guiding me through making decisions that I really had no previous experience with. They’ve all been terrific at Pixel Publishing!”

– Michelle Trauth, Co-author of Unleash Potential